Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Home remedies to keep you super fit

Staying healthy and fit reduces the risks of various diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, heart problems and hypertension. For a fit body, you need to eat nutritious diet and exercise regularly. There are many health and fitness tips that one can follow to stay fit and healthy. Figure out the challenges and follow healthy habits of eating well and working out to stay fit.

Step 1

1. Start walking, jogging and cycling: Walking, jogging and cycling are important for a healthy lifestyle as these activities keep your muscles active and the blood circulating properly. Cycling is the best solution to get rid of aches and pains in your body.

Start a daily routine for walking, cycling or jogging
Go out for household work to walk more. For example, if you go to grocery store, park your car in the farthest spot from the entrance and walk those extra steps
Start walking or cycling to reach at work
If you jog, you should jog at least a kilometer to keep the fat off
2. Exercise at home: Everyone cannot go to gym as everybody can’t afford gym or they may not have enough time. There is no need to go outside to work out as you can do it at home too. Some of the home based physical exercises are:

Yoga: Some yoga practices like sun salutations can be done easily at home on yoga mat or on a carpeted ground.
Push-ups: Give strength to your upper body by using weight against wall or the floor.
Sit-ups: Sit-ups can be done simply by laying on the ground with a chair or exercise ball.

3. Going to the gym: If you have enough time and money, and you like the environment of gym then it’s a great place to stay healthy and fit. Going to gym for exercising is one of the best physical fitness tips that will keep you healthy. Learn strength training and muscle toning exercises from a professional or gym instructor. Make use of the machines for weight management and cardio exercises. Be careful while choosing weights. Begin with smaller weights and progress gradually.

4. Join some sports activity: If you are not a fan of gym then joining some sports activity is the best solution to stay fit and have fun. You can choose from basketball, kickball or baseball as a local sports activity.

Step 2
Maintaining a balanced diet:

1. Stay away from junk food: Staying away from junk food is one of the most important body fitness tips for a healthy lifestyle. If you do exercise regularly but eat a lot of junk food, you will not get fit. Junk food turn to fats immediately. It raises the sugar levels and contains no nutrition.

Foods to avoid:

Avoid food which is high in sugar: Cookies, cakes, cereals, dried fruits and sodas
High in fat: Butter, cheese, animal fats and processed meat are high in fat. Although some of them are high in proteins too
High in cholesterol: Avoid mayonnaise, fried foods and egg yolks
2. Eat healthy: Maintaining a balanced diet can be tough if you don’t have time to cook at home. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet to raise energy levels in your body. It boosts metabolism process and makes you happy. These health fitness tips of eating healthy food will complete your vitamin and nutritional needs.
Foods to eat:

Fresh fruits and vegetables: Banana, melon, apple, oranges, broccoli, corn and onion are healthy choices. Make a colorful salad
Grains: Oatmeal, whole wheat pasta and toast
Foods high in proteins and fiber: Egg white, cottage cheese, nuts, tofu and soy beans are the healthy foods rich in proteins. Choose from black beans, lentils, pears, raspberries, green peas and oat bran as they are high in fiber
3. When to eat: Avoid skipping meals, some people think that they will lose weight by skipping a meal. In fact, it decreases the body’s metabolism process and may make you lose the nutrition the body needs.
Healthy meals and snacks to eat:

Light breakfast: Mix egg whites with some veggies and a piece of toast
Mid morning snack: Take some yogurt with berries
Lunch: A plate of green salad with a high protein diet
Evening snack: Take one apple or banana with some almonds
Dinner: Brown rice and lemon baked salmon
4. Drink lots of water: Our body is made of about 70 per cent of water and you need to keep replenishing it. Drink about 8 to 10 glasses everyday to stay fit. Water flushes away toxins from the body and makes you healthy.
5. Drop bad habits: Getting rid of your your bad habits like smoking and drinking are great fitness tips to get physically and mentally fit. Smoking is harmful to the body and damages body organs. It causes diseases like cancers and heart related problems. Similarly alcohol consumption is linked with nutritional deficiencies and depression. Either stop drinking or limit its consumption.

Exercising is one of the great ways to get a healthier body. It makes you relaxed and happy. Follow these exercise and fitness tips to improve your health
Always consult your doctor and instructor before exercising
Understand aerobic exercises to improve your blood flow
Climbing stairs is one of the great ways to get your heart rate up. It will strengthen the leg muscles as well as butt
Jumping rope is not just a fun game but it’s an excellent workout that works on arms, legs and core muscles
Swimming is one of the great exercises for muscles
Lifting weights will help you build and strengthen muscles
Make some lifestyle changes to achieve fitness. Eat better, do exercise and get quality sleep. Your heart, brain and the entire body gets benefitted from exercise. Dancing and gardening exercises will also help you stay healthy and feel refreshed. Health experts advise to exercise 30 to 90 minutes daily.