Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Top five mind-blowing Future technologies that will be available to us in 2025-Futurism

Like the friends you’re Technology (technology) with a known time being so advanced, that the things that our daily commuting to work in routine is also becoming more advanced, guys have more technology in the lives of your children today (technology) due to talk about the changes, how are due to nanotechnology you stay home, eat and drink goods, transportation and Electronics Products au And will be more advanced, which will soon be added to your life style, lets get start

5-nanotechnology in Medical-

Nanotechnology is too much Revolution coming in medical industry, the cancer Jesse diseases will easily treatment, nano-particle made of nano-robot will repair them detect exist particular disease cells or sick cells in your body, and your Body will make Healthy

Nanotechnology Bio (nano bio technology) technology can be used to develop nano bio-robots, which come by Hu mosquito or mosquitoes Jesse to come, there is a poison that can be made so dangerous and large particles of poison, that any use could be hit by Bio-Attack easily president of the country, will control the store nano bio computer robots chip programming, you Jesse Instruction Deng She will follow, such as friends, such as technology will be a significant advance confronts her abuse, failure to detect mosquito small so not easy, the technology (technology) can be quite dangerous |

4-Carbon nano fiber-

Carbon nano fiber-nanotechnology is being produced carbon nano fiber, it will strengthen the 100 X Simple View-based carbon fiber, steel iron and will be only 1/6 in weight, and store materials for longer life and less maintenance will use carbon fiber will be mixed use with other materials so that the price of steal and iron will be reduced by several times,

3-nanotechnology in Computing & Electronics-

Computer, mobile phone cast will be many times lower in comparison to today, even products and more efficient and productive will be, will be able to resolve the problem of the computer chip, today’s conventional problem in the computer chip size that is subtracted processing starts, but when will the production of nano tool through the chip will be able to resolve the problem by coming to shrink,

Conventional be used Tronsitr Place nano electronic Tronsitr in comparison to today’s conventional transistor will be effective in nano transistor size and cost, which means that your life Nano technology into the product coming in style, so the size of the electronic product and also will contain micro and portable, and if added nano material science in electronic product you will soon be flexible, unbreakable product in your hands, a lot of product as Having Research continues and some of the prototype |

2.-nanotechnology in FOOD & Drink-

If we now speak of the current food industry so Mostly food is soon escalate, contain bacteria in food tend to spoil the food soon becomes our food waste, Casa if several days to become our food her Properties and had no change in quality, food will be packaged in the nano plastic film certain that that will not spoil the bacteria eat for a long time, and not even a movie expensive Will and nano will use the particles in through food and beverage such essential vitamins and nutrients, and their taste is also no change of use,

1-Nanotechnology in paints and coatings-

Nano rid of technology paint and improve the properties exist conventional paint anti-graffiti that stain-Dbo, easy to clean, fire retardant, self-cleaning, scratch resistance, water repellent, uv protection, will be, ie a paint after providing Apakoitni will get rid of the whole problem, so many applications on your Hi-tech home and will make Hi-tech, yet currently paint industry nano-scale titanium dioxide or silicon dioxide nano- particles suitable |

That should see the technology (technology) and as may be useful for us to simplify our life, the way technology (technology) can also cause the destruction of mankind