Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

What differentiates healthy food from unhealthy food?

You don’t. There are always contradictory recommendations. All foods are studied from an illness perspective, which creates a distorted view. Many foods can cause illness if you don’t consume enough, and opposing illnesses when you consume them in excess.

Eggs, for example. Head over to your local supersized grocery store and check out the eggs. You will find omega eggs, brown eggs, white eggs factory eggs, free range eggs, and more. Which are healthier? If you buy a dozen of each, and take them to a nutritionist and ask that question: which are healthier – don’t hold your breath. It’s even more complicated if you were to give them to a nutritionist ‘without the labels’. The answer will be the a slightly longer silence. There is no science of healthy nutrition.

It’s the same for potatoes, apples, etc. It only gets worse, not better when you try to compare different foods. Nutritionists have no way to measure the healthiness of foods. And no real way to compare.
It is also complicated the fact that some foods are healthy in one diet, but less healthy in a different diet. And many foods are healthy for some people, but less healthy for other people.

How can you decide which foods to buy?
Choose foods that are alive – those are the foods you were meant to eat. Avoid foods with the longest shelf life – these are foods that ‘live things can’t live on’. Eggs are alive. You may be well advised to cook them for safety.
They will still be very close to ‘live foods’. Sugar, in contrast, is not alive and is very far removed from live things. Bugs don’t eat sugar. And if they do – they starve to death.

Let’s discuss some facts…
In our opinion healthy food includes also staying away from refined sugar.
Healthy food is unprocessed food and food that is balanced. If you can buy organic food or food coming directly from a farm that uses healthy farming practices (for most people living in cities this is difficult to do), you are better off than those who buy regular food from a grocery store. You want to eat meat from animals that have not been fed antibiotics and that have not been injected with hormones.